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Dr. Davidoff

Dr. Davidoff is qualified in expert witness work in dental cases involving reconstruction, cosmetic dentistry and dental implants. He has been involved in this area for over twenty-five years and has a national reputation of excellence in the field. He has evaluated cases and testified for both Plaintiffs and Defendants throughout the country. Dr. Davidoff testifys both locally and nationally. He is the official dental expert for the state of Alaska serving to evaluate all of their dental implant cases. Dr. Davidoff is available for consultation and discussion of your case to determine the suitability of the action. Please see the contact section of this site to determine the best way for you to contact Dr. Davidoff.

Please take advantage of my Low Cost Quick Evaluation for your potential Dental Malpractice Case. If you would like my opinion on the merits of your particular case, please provide me with a written report on the stated facts of the case along with the dental records (including x-rays and Photographs). I will call you withing one week to explain my findings and to make my recomendations regarding this case. The fee for this service is $750.00 and it is independent of any additional agreements or contracts that we may or may not engage in subsequent to this consultation. This is the fastest and easiest way to determine the validity of your dental malpractice case.